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  • “Some difficulties deriving the positive polarity behaviour of plain disjunction in Russian: Remarks on Nicolae 2017.” Unpublished manuscript. National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow) Abstract


  • (with Vadim Kimmelman) “Breaking the coreference rule: Reflexivity in Russian Sign Language.” Unpublished manuscript. University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen Abstract  pdf



  • (with Anna Kuznetsova) “Linearization constraints on sentential negation in Russian Sign Language are prosodic.” Sign Language & Linguistics 24(2): 259–273. Abstract  pdf
  • “Against Upwards Agree.” The Linguistic Review 38(1): 65–99. Abstract  pdf


  • “Agreeing adpositions in Avar and the directionality of valuation debate.” Linguistic Inquiry 51(4): 829–844. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Fyodor Baykov) “Not all obligatory control is movement.” Journal of Linguistics 56(4): 893–906. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Anna Volkova) “Case marking in Russian eventive nominalisations revisited.” Russian Linguistics 44(2): 157–175. Abstract  pdf
  • “The Anaphor Agreement Effect is not about featural deficiency: Evidence from Avar.” Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 5(1): 1–19. Abstract  pdf




  • “Events, locations and situations: On the interaction of negation and finiteness in Avar,” Linguistics in the Netherlands (32), pp. 142–154. Abstract  pdf
  • Kendisi revisited,” In Peter Arkadiev, Ivan Kapitonov, Yury Lander, Ekaterina Rakhilina and Sergei Tatevosov (eds.) Donum semanticum: Opera linguistica et logica in honorem Barbarae Partee a discipulis amicisque Rossicis oblata, 263–271. LRC Publishing, Moscow. Abstract  pdf
  • Dependency and discourse-configurationality: A study of Avar, Groningen Dissertations in Linguistics 129, 2015. Abstract  pdf


  • “Рефлексивы в дагестанских языках и природа анафорических отношений,” Acta Linguistica Petropolitana Transactions of the Institute for Linguistic Studies VII(3): 184–188. Abstract  pdf
  • “Why Turkish kendisi is a pronominal,” Ural-Altaic Studies (4:1), pp. 76–92. Abstract  pdf



I’m Pavel Rudnev, and this is my personal website. I’m a research fellow and lecturer in linguistics at HSE University in Moscow. My main area of interest is syntax and its interfaces with sound and meaning. In particular, my current research revolves around the structure of nominal expressions, agreement, case and verbal morphosyntax in East Caucasian languages, and the syntax-to-phonology mapping in Russian Sign Language.



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